ALLover the world beef can be one of the most loved dishes around the dinner table, and Aussie Beef has always been highly sought after in Japan. Australia has the title of being one of the biggest exporters of beef around the globe and not only are they one of the most efficient producers of cattle, but importantly is also one of the safest.
Over recent years, the beef industry has evolved to suit the needs of consumers, and Harnet holds a unique position having direct communication to beef producers where specific requests and questions can be quickly attended to. This gives customers great satisfaction of timely supplies of products with specifications they expect from high quality beef items, of both grain and pasture fed cattle.


AUSTRALIANLamb, like beef, is a major export commodity to over 100 countries around the world. A product that is considered an all-natural, free range, pure item due to the large grass lands across Australia. Lamb with young, lean tenderness, along with being hormone-free, is often a good recipe for a safe, high-quality and sought-after product. For many years, Harnet has been importing top quality lamb into Japan, highly desired by top restaurants throughout the country. Mild tastes suitable for the Japanese palate is a must, so with that in mind, the lamb being imported by Harnet is a popular choice amongst chefs and patrons alike.


Harnet’s passion for new and exciting products is to give even the pickiest of eaters something to smile about. We offer a variety of options sourced from quality worldwide suppliers to please every palate. Make your meal times easy from our growing list of specialised meat products including raw, seasoned, smoked, aged, and even precooked items. With Harnet’s flexibility, know how, and these many tempting options to choose from, we can service you all over Japan from wholesale to retail with something
that will satisfy your customers from breakfast to supper time, all year round.