This is a family story of Frank Snr and Frankie Jnr. Going back to the days of “John Dee Beef” in Warwick and the 4 generations of the family growing and building a well-known trusted brand. They understand how building strong relationships with business partners gains trust and understanding of the high-quality food they produced over many years. Harnet Corporation with this experience started in 1998, and have expanded introducing many high quality, exclusive products from all over the world into the Japanese market. The product that Harnet are importing and distributing throughout Japan, are highly appraised at the distribution level in a variety of settings, including wholesale industries, department stores, supermarkets, high class restaurants and food manufacturers.


The beef industry has been a strength of Harnet since the beginning. With experience established well before Harnet started, for nearly 40 yrs Frank Snr developed and exposed the John Dee brand in Japan with the quality and recognition that chefs and industry alike aspire to have. His expertise has made him a known force in the industry, and with Frankie following his footsteps and passion originating from the family business in Australia, they and the Harnet team have further developed new top grain and grass-fed beef items, quality lamb, and delicious specialty meats. These are the products that customers trust to be of the highest of quality, and Harnet is proud to provide the Japanese market with these constant growing varieties of great products.


From Sea to Plate, Ultimate in Security of Flavour, without Compromising Safety. Harnet Corporation works in partnership with Seafood suppliers, Logistic companies, and have the technology and know-how to ensure the customer receives the product in the best and safest condition with constant testing and monitoring. We are in close communication with production regions and are always exchanging a range of information.
We ship live products by air from production regions weekly, hold in specialty seawater tanks keeping a level of freshness and taste as though it just came from the ocean. Our frozen seafood range comes by sea month to month from specific areas and under Harnet guidelines and specifications. This ensures the product is consistently safe, with uniform sizing, and quality control ensuring customer satisfaction.


Australia is not known for the fine cheeses like Europe, but some people in the Australian Dairy industry have acquired some great skills learnt from their home countries and now work with Harnet bringing this taste to Japan. Regular shipments are shipped by air to allow the freshest product available to the market. With so many varieties out there, Harnet wanted to do something special and unique with buffalo and goats milk alongside some high quality cows milk products. With Australian based French and Italian cheese mongers having more than 20 years of experience in cheese aging, we have discovered Australia to be home to wonderful terroirs that produce beautiful cheeses and Harnet is gladly bringing it to the taste buds of Japan. These and other dairy products that people love from around the world have now become part of the Harnet selection.


Harnet has been involved in the business of South East Asian foods a long time, starting with Frank Snr having had Thai restaurants located in Roppongi area. This love of the food and the people brought about the importation of a Harnet line of products direct out of Thailand. In response to the demands of restaurants, catering services, and food companies, we supply in a variety of forms from smaller mixed packs of items, to large wholesale orders. Harnet’s Full time dedicated Thai staff team carefully select and deliver these authentic and foods in Tokyo and all over Japan.


Health is a focus of everyone and Harnet works towards making sure these items are on the menu, whether its live oysters from the sea, or beef from the cleanest parts of the world, Harnet has it covered. More and more people are wary of the food they eat, and the demand is ever increasing for any clean, sustainable, natural foods. These items can be any organic, preservative free, no colouring or flavouring, GMO free, Hormone free, Antibiotic Free, Free range, all ingredients that has been approved by nature with sustainable practises. Harnet works towards a future where there is less waste in the world and to have a better place for generations of people for years to come.


Harnet has a great team with years of experience in importing quality foods for direct distribution to foodservice. We strive to make sure the customer is looked after with personal service and product knowledge. Our dedicated team and Harnet’s warehouse in a prime Tokyo location, are able to supply the Japanese market quickly and effectively. This facility enables the options to hold product safely, prepare, package, and deliver with a personal touch. With Harnet’s fleet of trucks, and using reputable courier services, customers throughout Japan have peace of mind knowing they will be receiving all these great products safely from farm to plate.

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