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Fresh Water Shrimp (FWS)

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Mainly used in Thai dishes like “Tom Yum Kung”, “Kung Aob Woon Sen”, and “Kung Pao”. A very popular fresh water shrimp from Thailand is also now part of the list of frozen items. It is known for its spectacularly long claws and creamy yummy lobster-like head meat, especially compared to other species. Its packed in block ice and ready to be featured on your special menus where ever you are. We are the one of the very few suppliers who currently import this rare and well sought after specialty product.

Product detail:

Name: Fresh Water Shrimp

Species: Macrobrachium rosenbergii (Giant River Prawn)

Origin: Thailand

Storage: -18 ℃

Shelf life: 18 months

Usage: Mainly cook in a soup dish like “Tomyumkung”. Boil or grill and serve with desiring sauces.


Available sizes:

8-10 pieces per 1 kg. pack (100-120g/pc)

13-15 pieces per 1 kg. pack (65-75g/pc)

16-20 pieces per 1 kg. pack (50-60g/pc)