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Fresh Oysters
At Harnet Corporation, we buy safe and high quality raw oysters directly from Australian producers and import them weekly by air, delivering them fresh to all.
Fresh, delicious oysters can be enjoyed all year round.
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Thai & Ethnic Foods
We supply Thai and other Asian foods, which have been popular in recent years. Our full-time employees carefully select these foods locally.
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Meat Section
At Harnet Corporation we supply meats into the Japanese market that have been highly appraised worldwide. We have over 40 years of importing and market experience in these top quality products.
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Australian Dairy Products
Harnet has partnered with Ze Blue Box Australia to import top quality premium cheeses from Australia.
Ze Blue Box Australia, a French-Australian team of cheese mongers with more than 20 years of experience in cheese aging, has discovered Australia to be home to wonderful terroirs that produce beautiful cheese.
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