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John Dee Warwick Overview
John Dee Warwick, a member of Meat & Livestock Australia, is a meat company located about a two hour drive from Brisbane in Warwick. The company was established in 1939 and owns feed-providing grain producers, feedlot operations, slaughterhouses and processing factories, bringing together all aspects of management, from production to export.
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John Dee Warwick Information
Founded : 1939
Employees : 600
Export Destinations : 85% (80% to Japan, followed by Korea and America)
Slaughter Capacity : 750 heads per day
Brand : John Dee Silver (short fed), John Dee Gold (middle fed), John Dee Super Gold (long fed), and others
Grain-fattened Beef
John Dee Warwick is a leader among the few grain-fattened (lot-fed) beef producers in Australia, and has been exporting to Japan since the 70s. Even before the demand for traceability increased as it has today, John Dee Warwick did not use growth hormones or genetically modified feed and had regulations regarding the administration of antibiotics and so on.
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Exercising the utmost care when it comes to safety, this company has brought together the management of everything from production to export in one company. The high grade meat that is produced through this kind of safety management and grain fattening gives them a competitive edge. They have been active in the Japanese market for over thirty years, winning an excellent reputation at the distribution level in a variety of settings, including the wholesale industry, department stores, supermarkets, high-class restaurants and food manufacturers.  
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