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Fresh Oysters
Thai & Ethnic Meats
Oysters: Delectable and Healthy
Oysters are said to be “nutrient storehouses,” and contain an abundance of a variety of amino acids, minerals and vitamins that are essential to the body, such as glycogen and taurine. Oysters are an alkali animal product that has high nutritional value.
Safe and secure Australian oysters
The seas of Australia, as exemplified by their large coral reefs, are simply breathtaking. Natural plankton full of nutrients from the Antarctic Ocean flow into these beautiful seas and create an ideal environment for the growth of oysters.

To protect these beautiful seas, the water quality of all regions is thoroughly managed through the Food Sanitation and Quality Assurance Program of each province, and safety information is publicly available at all times through the internet.

In addition, harvested oysters are shipped after thorough lot management and an excellent traceability system is in place. Oysters that have been raised, harvested and shipped in this type of environment are approved by the government of each province, and may be consumed at ease.

Oyster farm and fresh oysters

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Through a strong partnership with regional producers, we ship consistently fresh oysters by air
Harnet Corporation has built a strong partnership with Seafood Exporters and Tas Prime, two top brands that take great pride in their cutting edge, even for Australia, technology and know-how and Sliogeisc, who has won a lot of awards in Ireland. We are in close communication with production regions, and are always exchanging a range of information. Because we ship by air from production regions weekly, the level of freshness of our products is superb.

Oyster farmers and plane taking off

Harvest Area Catalog
Harnet Corporation ships direct by air every week from areas of South Australia, Tasmania and Ireland that are endowed with natural beauty, and from America, Canada. Here we introduce a few of these marine areas.
(For more information on each area, click on the images below.)
• Denial Bay   • Woody Island
Denial Bay   Woody Island
• Coffin Bay   • Pambula Lake (Sydney Rock)
Coffin Bay   Pambula Lake (Sydney Rock)
• St. Helens   • Pittwater
St. Helens   Pittwater
• Totten Inlet (Eagle Rock)   • Puget Bay (Kumamoto Oyster)
Totten Inlet (Eagle Rock)   Puget Bay
• Deep Bay (Kusshi Oyster)   • Tragheanna Bay
Canada Deep bay   Tragheanna bay
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